Hawkeye Precision Borescopes

Hawkeye Borescopes have a thin stainless steel tube which is inserted into the opening, carrying light down to the weld through optical fibers. A glass lens system carries the image back to the eyepiece.

You get gloriously clear, sharp images.

Make decisive inspections, spot trouble fast, and fix it.

Hawkeye's precision design is executed with the finest materials.

Configure the perfect instrument for your application. Sizes for 1/4" tube and larger with Inspection depths of 4", 8", 12", or 17". Optional compact video camera and color monitor systems are available. Call for details.

Hawkeye is priced at a fraction of comparable borescopes, and works better. DWS has Hawkeye borescopes in stock now! Call today for pricing. Kits available in various sizes and lengths.